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A Road Map For Better Golf

Welcome to our page! If you're looking for a better understanding of your swing in order to play better golf, you've landed in the right place. The golf swing - and also the game itself - can be very complex. Gina understands that golfers need a basic road map for consistent contact and predictable ball flight. She organizes information so that it flows logically and simply. This, in turn, becomes a source of confidence for her students.

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Coach Umeck takes an approach

to teaching that exhibits her love of learning and passion for growth in the game of golf. The information you receive from Gina is truly valuable.

- Michelle D.

What clients say about me?

Gina is a great golf instructor.

She works on increasing strengths and eliminating weaknesses in your game. She dedicates herself to help you achieve your goals in golf.

- Brooke H.

Gina is highly sought after.

She is a master a providing logical, step by step approach for all levels of golf. Gina is consistently voted as one of the top instructors in the country.

- Michael M.

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About Gina Umeck

Gina is a Redlands, California native with over 30 years of experience in golf. She grew her game under the watchful eyes of many teachers, namely Tim Miskell, Susie Berning, and Dave Stockton.

Swing Technique

Technique varies from player to player. Gina understands standard swing positions, and she uses these to diagnose flaws. This is similar to a doctor diagnosing an ailment; he must have an idea of what a "normal" or a "standard" x-ray looks like in order to identify the problem (and then fix it).

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What can I do for you?

Course Management

Good course management starts with understanding probabilities. It also hinges on proper shot selection and eliminating variables, placing less pressure on execution. Understanding the influence of the elements on short game and putting is important and often overlooked. Knowing one's distances and playing to their averages--not their ideals--is another common topic addressed in course management.

Mental Game

So many cite confidence as the magic bullet to success in golf (and other areas). Sometimes it takes some digging to understand a golfer's fears and locate sources of confidence, but Gina believes that confidence can be created and grown within oneself. This was a main focus of her college coaching philosophies.

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